Ukrainian Birdwatching Centre

…some rare birds in Ukraine are common in the world and some common ones in Ukraine are rare outside it, but all of them are sure to be worth watching…

Watching Wolfes and Badgers

Badger, Wolf, Elk, Wild Boar, Roe Deer, Lynx (very rare)


1st day
Arrival to Lviv airport.
V.I.P. meeting in the airport (going through the customs without queue).
Checking in the hotel. Meeting with the guides. Discussing the program.

2nd-3rd day
Breakfast. Drive to the forest for watching badgers. Return to the hotel. Evening meal.

4th-8th day
Breakfast. Drive to the Carpathian mountains to watch wolves.
Four night staying in the hotel***. Watching wolves. Return to Lviv.
Farewell party in the national restaurant

9th day
Breakfast. Departure transfer to the airport. Read more…